Kloud Basic

Includes cPanel, Softaculous Web App Library, KloudPage Drag and Drop Website Builder and more...Starting at $2.95


Single Domain Hosting

Kloud Basic is perfect for hosting a single domain.  This plan includes full access to the KloudWire Kore Feature Package and  makes this as robust as any KloudWire plan.

You get the lastest cPanel release, plus the world's most loved auto app-installer with over 440 built-in Web Apps to choose from.

It also includes the KloudPage Drag and Drop Website Builder with any one year plan or more.

To host multiple domain names, refer to the Kloud Pro or Kloud MAX plans.

Kloud Basic Monthly

7.95 per month
  • One time Set up Fee 9.99
  • Host 1 Domain
  • KloudWire Kore Feature Package
  • 440+ Web Apps

Kloud Basic Annual

4.95 per month
  • Billed Every 12 Months @ $59.40
  • No Set Up Fee
  • Host 1 Domain
  • KloudWire Kore Feature Package
  • 440+ Web Apps

Kloud Basic 2 Year

3.95 per month
  • Billed Every 24 Months @ $94.80
  • No Set Up Fee
  • Host 1 Domain
  • KloudWire Kore Feature Package
  • 440+ Web Apps

Kloud Basic 3 Year

2.95 per month
  • Billed Every 36 Months @ $106.20
  • No Set Up Fee
  • Host 1 Domain
  • KloudWire Kore Feature Package
  • 440+ Web Apps

The KloudWire Kore Feature Package

The Kloud Basic plan, like all KloudWire shared hosting plans, includes these 20 standard features...

Unlimited Storage

Never worry about traffic volume or bandwidth limitations. All KloudWire accounts are unmetered and unlimited.


The most stable versions of PHP and MySQL are always installed. Manage unlimited databases with the built-in PHPMyAdmin.

IP Blocker

Protect your website files from specific unwanted intruders with the IP Blocker. You can deny access to any IP address or range of addresses..

ClamAV Virus Scan

Easily scan your email inboxes or any part of your website structure for malicious files or viruses with the ClamAV® Virus Scanner interface.


SpamAssassin uses a variety of spam-detection techniques, including DNS-based and fuzzy-checksum detection, blacklists and online databases.


The latest and most stable release of cPanel software is always at the helm of KloudWire hosting administration.

Unlimited Email

Create as many email inbox accounts as you need: info@yourdomain.com, sales@yourdomain.com, etc.

Free SSL

Your website visitors will rest easy when they see your secure URL. Shared SSL certificates are provided free of charge to all KloudWire hosted domains.

Premium Support

Access our support desk 24/7/365 via your cPanel or thru the members login. Our video tutorial library answers most questions.

Triple Redundant Backup

KloudWire servers are backed up nightly, weekly and monthly for triple redundancy. Also, the backup tool lets you control your own local backups.

Unlimited WordPress

Unlimited WP installations. More than 60 million users have chosen WordPress to power their web presence.

Brute Force Security

KloudWire servers are protected by anti-hacking Brute Force security. Rest easy knowing your files are safe and secure.

24/7/365 FTP

Upload, download and manage your files from anywhere. Use any FTP app or the File Manager for publishing and even editing website files.


All KloudWire Plans include the world's most robust web app auto-installer. Enjoy quick and easy installation of 440+ web apps.


This provides an instant email trigger that AUTO-matically RESPONDS to a user with any message you have placed in that particular message box.

Unlimited Sub-Domains

Create all the sub-domains you need: sales.yourdomain.com, support.yourdomain.com, info, etc.

Web Traffic Stats

All KloudWire hosting accounts include access to AWStats, Webalizer and Analog Stats for accurate website traffic metrics.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Never worry about traffic volume or bandwidth limitations. KloudWire accounts are unmetered and unlimited.

Email Tracking

Troubleshoot email delivery issues by starting with the tracking tool built-in to your KloudWire hosting account cPanel.

Email Filter Controls

Control your incoming email messages by weeding out the junk you don't want. Create your own email filters with this built-in feature.

Easy Access to 440+ Web Apps Included with Every Kloud Basic Plan

In addition to the standard features above, your Kloud Basic Plan includes access to the Softaculous web app library. Below are some of the most popular apps available through the Softaculous auto-installer. This is just a small sampling of the over 440 easy-to-install scripts that are available via your cPanel access.



Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS) for the creation of websites and powerful online applications.



MyBB is a bulletin board system that is easy to use. It's standard discussion board structure provides a familiar interface for your visitors.



WordPress is software you can use to create a website or blog. More than 60 million users have chosen WordPress to power their web presence.


Open Real Estate

Open Real Estate is web building software for realtors and agencies. It is based on Yii CMF - one of the fastest working frameworks.



A powerful blend of features and configurability that can support a wide range of web projects from personal blogs to large community sites.



Hesk is PHP Help Desk Software that runs on MySQL. It allows you to setup a web-based ticket support system (helpdesk) for your website.



Intuitive and powerful framework for fast and easy development. It looks and behaves great on desktops and mobile via responsive CSS.



The PrestaShop e-Commerce Solution takes advantage of essential flat design innovations and dynamic AJAX-powered features.



CubeCart is a complete ecommerce shopping cart solution that you can quickly setup for selling digital or tangible products online.



A simple, modern web-based email client designed for efficient memory use, so it works great even on any server regardless of inbox size.

...Plus Hundreds More.

The Softaculous web app library in every KloudWire plan gives you quick and easy access to powerful apps for your website. These programs span dozens of categories including Blogs, CMS Applications, Shopping Carts, Forums, Ad Management, Calendars and more.


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