What is KloudPower Email Service?

There is an inherent problem with private domain email delivery. Much of it gets filtered by major networks, because email messages that come from privately owned shared hosting accounts don't carry any authoritative "weight" on the Internet and in the world of email. Most SPAM comes from such sources, so it's hard to manage what email should get through those filters and junk mail folders.

When you send email out (SMTP) through your shared hosting account, you risk your emails being rejected since shared IP addresses can be easily and quickly blacklisted. The problem is that using shared hosting is affordable and the alternative of dedicated hosting is very expensive.

So how do you get the advantage of sending email messages that get the delivery of a trusted source without the cost of a dedicated server?

That's where Authoritative Email Delivery (AED) comes in.

Email delivery technology is an ever-changing puzzle, as there are many aspects to be taken into consideration. And getting one of those concepts wrong can result in your email being rejected or filtered out.

Using KloudPower (AED) to send your email can significantly increase the deliverability of your emails. We do this by taking care of the difficult part for you.

In the simplest terms, KloudPower is an outgoing SMTP email server that can be used to send email from any program, application or device that can connect to an SMTP server and authenticate with a username and password.

There are some key differences from the an Authoritative SMTP server that your normal outgoing mail server cannot provide:

  • You can send from all of your email addresses without changing any settings. If you can receive email to the address, you can send from it using KloudPower.
  • KloudPower is authenticated on a username and password so you can use it from almost all Internet connections including your home or office cable / broadband, mobile connection or public Wifi.
  • We actively monitor and maintain the reputation of our service to help prevent your email being blacklisted, rejected or filtered.
  • KloudPower is custom designed for sending email so the performance and availability may be significantly greater than the generic SMTP servers provided by ISPs and shared hosting accounts.

Common Questions about KloudPower and Authoritative Email Delivery (AED)

Q: Why do my domain emails get filtered?

Q: Is KloudPower easy to get set up?

Q: Will my recipients see that I am using KloudPower to send email to them?

Q: How many emails can I send?

Q: How many email addresses can I use?


Q: How fast and reliable is this service?

A: KloudPower runs on high-performance eco-friendly servers with multiple power backups that are located across multiple major data centers. For maximum reliability, our network has multiple backbone connections to the Internet and generous spare capacity is always available. Services are monitored 24 x 7 - so any problems can be quickly identified and resolved.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: KloudPower starts at just $99 per year - which includes the sending of up to 1000 emails per month from up to 10 different email accounts...and up to 200MB of data per month.  Larger plans are also available by request.


Q: How do I order KloudPower?

A: You must have a KloudWire hosting account (of any kind) to purchase the KloudPower service. You can also add it on to your purchase with your initial transaction as an optional feature.

If you want to add KloudPower service to your existing KloudWire hosting account:

  1. Login to your account here
  3. Select PRODUCT ADD-ONS from the pull-down
  4. You will see KloudPower Email Service as an option.