If you are already hosting  a domain name and website elsewhere, but want to MOVE to KloudWire the steps on this page will help guide you.

The quick answer is to follow these steps:

  1. Set up your new KloudWire Hosting account with your existing domain.
  2. Upload / publish your website files to the new account.
  3. Point your domain to the new server.
  4. Close your old hosting account.

If you need more details, see the steps below.

Step 1 - Your Hosting Plan

Since you already own your own domain, your first step is easy. You will just need to choose a hosting plan.  All hosting plans from KloudWire provide the most robust services, apps and tools you will ever need, plus unlimited traffic, storage and more.

The only difference between the Kloud Basic, Kloud Pro and Kloud MAX plans is how many domains you want to host.

For most people the Kloud Basic plan is fine. It is for hosting a single domain.  And in the future if you want to add more, you can always upgrade later.

If you know that you need to host multiple domains right away, the Kloud Pro plan provides hosting for up to 10 and the Kloud MAX plan is unlimited domains.

Your web hosting account is set up with the DOMAIN, or the address to your website (yourdomain.com).  This hosting account is where your website files will be stored so that when people visit yourdomain.com they see your website.

Your web hosting account is also where you can set up email accounts for your domain (you@yourdomain.com, whateveryouwant@yourdomain.come, etc.)  Setting up emails is one of the things you will be able to do in your cPanel.

cPanel is the Control Panel that you can manage your web hosting account with.  Your cPanel also provides a place for you to get support, manage your website files and a long list of other features - some of them advanced and some of them basic.

KloudWire provides detailed, step-by-step video tutorials that show you how to use your cPanel features.


Step 2 - Your Website

Since you already have a website....you may want to move your website files to your new KloudWire hosting account. The way you do that depends on HOW you built your site.

The easiest way is to let us do it for you!  If you are moving  from a cPanel server to KloudWire, we can move your entire website, emails, passwords, databases and everything on your old hosting account to your new one. Ask for help with migrating your cPanel hosting account by contacting us thru our HELP DESK.


If you are moving from a non-cPanel web server...you may need to follow one of these steps:

1. If you built your site offline, for example with a program like 90 Second Website Builder, you simply publish your website to your new KloudWire account. That will upload your files to the server.

2. If you built your website with any other offline web design program or you at least have access to your website files offline, then all you need to do is upload your files to your KloudWire server. You can do that with any FTP app or use your KloudWire File Manager in cPanel to upload them from your computer. Watch our video tutorial about uploading and publishing to the web for more help.

3. If you built your website with WordPress or other content management system, moving your site requires some more advanced steps. You will need to migrate your database to your new server and re-install your platform (e.g.: WordPress). This gets complicated, but KloudWire can do this for you. Ask for help with moving your website files by contacting us thru our HELP DESK.


Step 3 - Point Your Domain

Once you have a web hosting plan from KloudWire and have uploaded your website to it, all you do is point your domain to the new KloudWire server.

You do this at the registrar's website - that is, the place you purchased your domain name (GoDaddy, Register.com, NameCheap, Teknon Domains, etc.)

This process always sounds more complicated and technical than it is.  In fact, it's very easy and only takes a minute or two to complete.

Pointing your domain to the web host you are using is also called "updating your name servers" or "updating your DNS record" - depending on which registrar you use.  But either way, the process is the same.

It works like this:

1. You login to your domain registration account (at GoDaddy, or wherever domain is registered) and navigate to your domain manager.  You will find a place where you can update your nameservers/DNS.

2. You simply replace the existing nameservers with the TWO you were given when you purchased your KloudWire Hosting account.  They will look something like this:


Save your changes and you're done.  In a matter of minutes, your domain will point to your KloudWire web hosting account.

Common Questions:

Q: What if I don't know who my registrar is?
A: You can research your domain's public record by going to https://whois.net/ and looking it up.  If that becomes confusing, KloudWire support can do it for you.  Just submit a HELP DESK ticket and we can find your registrar for you.

Q: Can KloudWire support point my domain for me?
A: Yes...but we'll need your login credentials for your domain registration account.  Just submit a HELP DESK ticket and we can help you with that step.